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Eminem vital to national security.

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Don't know where I got this, don't know who Phil is, but it's pretty funny. Wish I could get the real audio...

(from about two screens down the page...)

This evening Phil opened the phone lines to get the listeners opinion on the new release from the controversial rap artist Eminem. Phil takes a call from a kid by the name of RC Collins, who attends the Bradley Military Academy in Alta Dena, CA who seems to have plenty to say about the infamous rapper. Collins explains to Phil and the audience that Eminem is very popular around the military academy on account of him being "in your face" and very "hoorah" (a quasi-military term used by Collins to exclaim his readiness to eat his own guts in battle) but the lack of air time that the rapper is getting is a cause for concern to the young cadet. In fact, during the interview, Collins basically states that if MTV and the various radio stations around his area don't start playing Eminem a bit more…he and his fellow cadets might just be a bit reluctant when it comes to defending our great nation! Phil tries to explain to Collins that when someone takes on the responsibilities of being a soldier, there can be no conditions on if and when they will go into battle…they have to do what they are told no matter what. Cadet Collins doesn't buy into Phil's opinion and states that if MTV and the radio stations don't have enough respect for the US military to play the Eminem then the America people might just have to fend for themselves if attacked by Afghanistan!

Dated: 08/20/2002