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Sunday pancake breakfast

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Went to the Vet's Hall sunday morning to a breakfast put on by the ladies aux.

The vet's hall looks like a trailer from the park next door (mostly because it is boxy, has no window sills, and a porched tacked on to the side as an afterthought). But it's really nice inside, all wood, like an old elk's lodge or something.

It was not exactly a jet set dot-com event like I'm used to (ha!) but rather the pick of the crop of Willow Creek locals with nothing better to do on a sunday morning than pancakes. Read: a few old folks and a middle aged couple who rolled in on a Gold Wing.

We poured the kids out the door into the park next door and the sunday midmorning sunshine and a few minutes on the playground made the world seem bright again!

Dated: 06/03/2002