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clipboard anxiety

I get this weird feeling when I have something in the clipboard. If it's something I have copied it's a kind of pregnant "holding onto something" feeling. If it's something I've cut, then I have an additional anxiety that I will have a crash, forget about it, or most likely of all, copy again before I have pasted.

I have the same feeling with halfway filled out forms on web pages.

Others have mentioned it as well:

Seth calls it Control-C anxiety

Ruby's cartoon foxes have their legs in photoshop's clipboard. Cripes!! Holy!! Pray it's OSX, man!!!

Clipboard anxiety
Control-C anxiety
Clip itch
Clipboard pregnancy

unprecedented obsolescence

Buying electronics now is a very weird experience. Especially in certain categories even just waiting a month can make a big difference. So it's kind of the reverse of "know when to fold 'em".

I'm buying a flash mp3 player. I've been wanting to since last year but I had set the following criteria:
- at least 256MB
- operates as flash USB drive with no drivers
- FM tuner
- replacable battery
- under $150

Now the one I'm buying satisfies those at $65. I was waiting a bit extra long because it looks like new player will satisfy a couple of new points:
- replaceable flash memory
- at least 1gb
- under $100

So should I keep waiting? I was too tempted by geting all my old criteria at a lower price. I'm also following my oldest tech buying tenet: wait until state of the art kicks but than buy at the lowest end.