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Note To My Clients
I link to my standard contract below. Feel free to look them over and make changes, I am usually pretty flexible when it comes to the contracts, feeling that it is important to have an agreement in writing but flexible about the legal details. For larger projects the project specification is quite important, but there is no way to standardize such a specification.

Note To Other Contractors
You may download these contracts and use them with very few changes, or do as you will. If you do find them useful, it would give me great satisfaction if you'd email me to let me know.

Memorandum Of Engagement (MOE)

Memorandum Of EngagementA short document that formalizes a working relationship where I get paid by the hour, often in pursuit of a project specification.

Professional Services Agreement

Professional Services Agreement A longer contract that explores billing issues, liability and intellectual property a little more thoroughly. Usually accompanied by a Project Specification.

Project Specification

Project Specification Template for a thorough description of a project.