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The small world is me, the things I can see and touch, my family, friends, and some things and people that I am intimately connected with in spite of being at a distance from them.


portland calendars and events, kid slanted

mcmenamins movie listings cheap movies, weekend matines.

portland childrens museum calendar

mississippi pizza has kids music in the afternoons, adults in the evenings. Pizza!

northwest childrens theater

friends of tryon creek huge state park in the city with lots of guided walks, lectures, etc.

mt scott indoor pool
ok it's not a calendar. but it looks neat

kids in portland blog

multnomah library calendar

Family Discovery Sunday at contemporary crafts museum and gallery

tears of joy puppet theater link not working when I tried

regional arts and culture council a collection of events; some but not all of the events from portland art museum, pacific center for performing arts, pcc, tryon creek and others. Definitely some stuff I saw nowhere else but I'm not sure what the system was.

portland metro some weird planning stuff but also some really great park events

portland art museum

portland center for the performing arts


I've been having this conversation.

strange orientation

Yesterday I explored a new route to a trail I've walked many times before and had a funny experience.

I had climbed a steep ridge that I suspected might link up with the trail I'd been on before. As I came close to the trail, I began to have a very strong feeling of familiarity and the sense that I would soon find it.

This feeling peaked as I actually did find the trail. But as I stood on the trail and looked around, I couldn't recognize where I was at all. As far as I know it's the only trail in that area, and I remembered my previous feeling of anticipation and familiarity, so I was fairly certain I was where I thought I was.

I walked down the trail and it took me several minutes to begin recognizing anything. During that time I felt profoundly uneasy, almost doomed. Even after I had passed distinctive landmarks that absolutely cemented my intellectually knowledge that I was on a familiar trail, the uneasyness and the seeming unfamiliarity of the trail persisted, slowly fading over the next minutes.

I suspect I was experiencing in fairly concrete form the connecting of two previously separated contexts. When we come to a familiar place in an unfamiliar way, we must be building new connections.

My previous experiences of the trail were very linear whereas my route finding up the ridge was exploratory and much more loosely bound, and perhaps that difference made it all the harder for my brain to accept the familiar.

town of Bridgeville for sale

Damn, I guess Bridgeville finally sold. It was a cute little town for an excellent price. A friend of mine who's a real estate broker in the area told me about it and I'd been trying to get anyone I know who has that kind of money to buy it... Very cheap for a town, $750k!!!

Anyway, I guess I don't know the right kind of people for buying towns.

The owner put it on ebay and now it looks like it will sell, maybe for a lot more than the asking price; the auction closed at a million and three-quarters.


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devils are really angels

I never saw Jacob's Ladder, but I love this quote:

if you're frightened of dying and you're holding on you'll see devils tearing your life away but ... if you've made your peace then the devils are really angels freeing you from the earth

Instead I heard it sampled in a song called rabbit in your headlights.

Quote from Cleo

"One word can be a poem"

East Fork - Willow Creek

Last week it was hot, getting above 100f every day and not really cooling down well in the evening. Saturday was a little better but the whole family was still hot, tired, and grouchy.

I threw together a quick dinner picnic and off we went to East Fork.

This is a little draw just down the road from where we live. Because it's shady all day, huge cedars grow there, and the moss is still green in mid summer.

There's a cold and shallow creek that runs fast over the rocks, a little smoother and deeper in places, but never slow or calm. Wading around with the kids, I was actually chilly for the first time in a month.

Cleo and Demetri held my hands, waded in the mini-rapids and balanced high on slippery rocks. The puppy was characteristically clumsy, falling off rocks into the water. She decided a waterfall was alive and spent several minutes attacking it, growling as she bit the water, producing a fuzzy snuffling and making her sneeze.

I carried Aidan around so he could check things out a bit, then he and Erika nursed on the banks of the creek.

Sunday pancake breakfast

Went to the Vet's Hall sunday morning to a breakfast put on by the ladies aux.

The vet's hall looks like a trailer from the park next door (mostly because it is boxy, has no window sills, and a porched tacked on to the side as an afterthought). But it's really nice inside, all wood, like an old elk's lodge or something.

It was not exactly a jet set dot-com event like I'm used to (ha!) but rather the pick of the crop of Willow Creek locals with nothing better to do on a sunday morning than pancakes. Read: a few old folks and a middle aged couple who rolled in on a Gold Wing.

We poured the kids out the door into the park next door and the sunday midmorning sunshine and a few minutes on the playground made the world seem bright again!

Wading pool

I got the kids a wading pool yesterday. They went hog wild over it, filling it with about 6 inches of water, spraying each other with the hose, then each bringing a big rubber ball into the pool, sitting on the balls, falling off, and laughing and screaming. They love calling each other "ketchup bottle" now, after the ketchup bottle made an obsene noise at dinner the other night.